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Tufton Ancestry in England

The principal information source for the Ensign ancestry in England is a series of articles on "The English Ensigns," by Paul C. Reed, in The American Genealogist [TAG 75 (2000)]. The initial source of information on the Tufton ancestry is the internet and an outline from the preceeding TAG articles. Additional and correcting data are anticipated as more research is published concerning the Tufton family.

Elfege de Toketon

Elfege de TOKETON - b. about 1145, Toketon, Kent.; d. after 1199, Kent. Elfege is thought to have been lord of the manor of Sileham and of Toketon, at Rainham, Kent, England. He is mentioned in a deed, thought to be from the time of King John (1199-1216), which "states that Nicolas and Richard, sons of Edwin de Velde confirm to Osmere de Toketon, son of Elfege, a rent of 18 pence, 2 hens and 28 eggs, which Simon and Jordan, sons of Walter de Meredale, used to pay for lands lying near Meredale" in Ashford Parish.


Osmere de Toketon

Osmere de TOKETON - b. about 1175, Kent; d. Ulhale, Kent. Son of Elphege de TOKETON. Osmere had a land grant in Uhlale from Levord, son of Roger de Hwithorneland. He also received the inheritance of Emma, mother of the said Levord. Osmere is mentioned as the father of William de Toketon in several deeds.

  1. William - b. about 1200, Ulhale, Kent; d. after 1250 Upchurch, Kent.
  2. Cicelie - b. about 1203, Ulhale, Kent.

Sir William de Toketon and Lucie

Sir William de TOKETON - b. about 1200, Ulhale, Kent; d. after 1250 Upchurch, Kent. Son of Osmere de TOKETON. Sir William was knighted and lived in the Lathe of Scray in Kent at the latter end of the reign of Henry III (1216-1272), either at Sileham or at Tufton in Rainham, Kent. William is mentioned in an old ledger book in the abbey of St. Augustine, Canterbury, and in a deed by John de Madetune, who ..."grants and confirms to William de Toketon, and John his son, half a mark in money, a tearly rent of ten pence and a hen, which Geofry de Meredale used to pay out of a tenement with the appurtenances, near a lane leading to Sileham on the east; also an acre and three roods of land lying in a field called Hamme, and other lands thereabouts; paying yearly a pound of cummin, or a penny...."

Lucie - b. about 1202. Lucie is mentioned in a deed, "... Cecilie, daughter of Osmere de Upcherche, grants to Lucie, sometime wife of William de Toketon, and John her son, of the parish of Renham, one penny yearly rent, which William de Toketon her husband used to pay out of an acre of land in Upcherche, between the land of John son of William, on the north, and the lands of the said Lucie and John on the south."

John de Toketon

John de TOKETON - b. about 1225; d. Rainham, Kent. Son of William de TOKETON and Lucie. John is mentioned in the deeds with his parents.

Roger de Toketon and Lucie

Roger de TOKETON I - b. 1250; d. after 1280, Sileham, Kent. Son of John de TOKETON. Roger succeeded his father. About 1280 (8th of Edward I (1272-1307), he was deeded with John de Renham, "certain arable land purchased of Peter de Mere, lying in the borough of Mere, in Rainham; paying a rose at Midsummer, in consideration of 4 pounds in money. " The transaction has two seals, the impression of Roger's is gone, but the second says "S. Lucie fil. Willi." In a deed granted that same year, "John de Rede, clerk, grants and releases to Roger de Toketon, his heirs and assigns, all his rights, &c. in and to the whole manor of Sileham in Renham, which he, and High le Bygod had for a certain term of years from Oliver le Bygod..." Married about 1272.

Lucie - b. about 1251

Roger de Toketon and Julian Chaumpaine

Roger de TOKETON II - b. about 1273, Sileham, Kent; d. 1302 (30th of Edward I 1272-1307). Son of Roger de TOKETON and Lucie. Roger was indentured by Edward I (1272-1307), on March 12, about 1308 (26th of Edward I 1272-1307) to marry Julian and "enfeoffed Sir John Chaumpaine in all his fee-simple lands, in the hundred of Middleton, conditionally to be re-enfeoffed again thereof to the use of the said Roger and Julian, and their heirs, and the heirs of the said Julian." By deed that same year on the eve of St. Peter and St. Paul, "John de Chaumpaine, knight, obliged himself to pay one hundred pounds yearly to Roger and Julian, their heirs, and the heirs of Julian, in consideration of the feoffinent which the said Roger de Toketon made him a little before of his manor of Sileham, and all his lands and tenements in the hundred of Milton." This deed was sealed with his arms and showed "S. Johis de Chaumpaine".

Julian CHAUMPAINE - b. about 1275; d. after 1323 (6th of Edward III 1327-1377). Julian had a brother Sir John Chaumpaine. They were likely descended from Robert de CHAUMPAINE, who had the manor of Newnham near Faversham, "in marriage with Juliana daughter and heir of Fulk de NEWNHAM, who founded Davington Nunnery near Faversham, 1153." Julian outlived her husband and was living in 1323 (6th year of Edward III 1327-1377), when she received 4 acres of Renham land at the demise of Allice atte-STONE.

  1. Joan - b. about 1299, Sileham, Kent. In 1309 (2nd year of Edward II 1307-1327), John SWIFT, son of William AUUCHERCHE, granted to Joan, three acres of land in Toketon in Renham, abutting on the lands of Roger, son of Roger de TOKETON [Joan's brother], for 20 marks sterling. Died after 1318.
  2. Roger III - b. about 1301, Sileham, Kent.
  3. John - b. about 1303, Sileham, Kent; d. after 1318.

Roger de Toketon

Roger de TOKETON III - b. about 1301, Sileham, Kent. Son of Roger de TOKETON II. Roger's name appears in a deed dated 1318 (11th year of Edward II 1307-1327) at Sileham, Rainham "by which John, son of Thomas Whitsuere, grants to them and John their son his whole purparty [portion] of land in the parish of Rainham", with the younger Roger de TOKETON and John ELYS, among others, as witnesses. Married about 1330, Kent.

Roger de Toketon

Roge de TOKETON IV - b. about 1335, Sileham, Kent. Son of Roger de TOKETON III. Married about 1365, Kent.

Symon de Tufton and Joane

Symon de TUFTON - b. about 1370; d. about 1406, Northiam, Sussex. Son of Roger de TOKETON IV. Symon was of Tufton, Northiam, Sussex, living there in 1389 (12th year of Richard II 1377-1399). The surname began to be written "Tufton" during the time of Edward III 1327-1377. Married about 1400.
Joane - b. about 1379.

Willam de Tufton

Willam de TUFTON - b. 1405, Sussex. Son and heir of Symon de TUFTON. Married about 1435, Sussex.

William Tufton

William TUFTON - b. about 1440, Tufton, Northiam, Sussex. Son of William de TUFTON. Married about 1470, Sussex.

Sir Nicholas and Margaret (Hever) Tufton

NIcholas TUFTON - b. about 1475, Kingstone, Kent; d. Dec. 30, 1538, Kingstone, Kent. Descendant of the de TOKETON-TUFTON family. Nicholas lived at Northiam, Sussex, and wrote his will in Jan. 1537/8, asking that his body be buried there before the altar of St. Nicholas in the church of the Blessed Virgin. Nicholas provided his daughter, named as Isabel Cryour, with an annuity for life, and appointed his son John TUFTON as executor. Nicholas, a resident of Northiam, also had lands at Ewhurst, Bodiam, Montfield, Sedlescombe, Ore, Fairlight, Beckley, Peasmarsh, Udimore, Rye and elswhere in Kent. He served as coroner and steward of Hastings rape, and was Justice of the Peace in 1532 and 1538, commissioner of sewers in 1534, and was a nominee for sheriff three times. Descendants of Nicholas TUFTON became the earls of Thanet, whose arms are quartered with the Hever arms of "gules, a cross argent" and "a lable of three points azure." Married about 1498 at Cranbrook, Kent.

Margaret HEVER - b. about 1477, Cranbrook, Kent; d. before 1538, Northiam, Sussex. Daughter and heir of John HEVER of Cranbrook, Kent. John HEVER was a descendant of the Hevers of Kent, the founders of Hever Castle. His line of descent is desired, but it is likely that an early ancestor was Walter de HEVER, first owner of Hever Castle, whose 1211 contemporary Hughe de HEVER bore arms "Gerv., A playn Crosse Arg., a Labell of 5 Azur." William de HEVER, Sheriff in the reign of Edward I, became owner of Hever Castle in 1270, the year the Gatehouse was constructed. Ownership then passed to Thomas de HEVER in 1300, William de HEVER in 1340, and in 1360 to Joan de HEVER, who married Sir Reginald de COBHAM. Passing through eight more proprietors, in 1505 Hever Castle became the home of Sir Thomas BULLEN, and of daughter Anne BOLEYN - the second wife of Henry VIII. Upon the death of Sir Thomas BULLEN, Hever Castle reverted to the Crown, and Henry granted ownership to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, as part of the divorce settlement in 1540. Magnificantly restored by William Waldorf ASTOR, 1st Viscount Astor of Hever, a double moat, gardens and a Tudor Village surround Hever Castle today.

Children of Nicholas and Margaret

  1. Isabel - b. about 1500, Northiam, Sussex. Married John CRYOUR. The wording given in an abstract of the will of Isabel's father in 1638, seems to indicates that John had a son Nicholas, and that John and Isabel had other sons and daughters. Whether Nicholas was a son of Isabel is unclear.
  2. Alice - b. about 1502, Northiam, Sussex. Married Richard SHARP.
  3. Joan - b. about 1505, Northiam, Sussex. Married William HAYE.
  4. Margaret - b. about 1507, Northiam, Sussex. Married Mr. ASSHEHURST.
  5. Joan - b. about 1510, Northiam, Sussex. Married Mr. BAROWE. Tentative listing as there are three children named Joan or Joane; clarification will be obtained.
  6. Anne - b. about 1512, Northiam, Sussex. Married Mr. MELLER.
  7. Agnes - b. about 1515, Northiam, Sussex; d. Mar. 1588, Bekesbourne, Kent. Agnes' will was dated Jun. 14, 1583 and proved Jun. 29, 1588 at Bekesbourne, Kent. Married William DENNE (b. about 1499, Kingstone, Kent; d. Oct. 21, 1572, Kingstone, Kent), son of Thomas DENNE and Alice ESHEHURST. Children: Vincent married Joanna KITALL; Mary married first John COPPIN, and second Thomas BOYS; Katherine married John GOOKIN and/or John PORREDGE; Catherine married John GOOKEN; Thomas married Jane SWIFT; and Felyce married Richard HUFFMAN.
  8. Joane - b. about 1517, Northiam, Sussex. Married Mr. COOKE. Tentative listing as there are three children named Joan or Joane; clarification will be obtained.
  9. John - b. Aug. 1519, Northiam, Sussex; d. Oct. 10, 1567, Hothfield, Kent. Executor of his father's will. Married Mary BAKER. Children: John married first Olympia BLOWER (daughter of Christopher BLOWER), and second Christian BROWNE (daughter of Sir Humphrey BROWNE); and Cecilie.
  10. Nicholas - b. about 1524, Northiam, Sussex.

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