Family Group Sheet

Name Hon. John Webster
Burial Apr 5, 1661, Hadley
Probably came into Connectivut in 1636, or 1637, of which colony he was one of the fathers. He was there a magistrate, Deputy Governor, Governor, and one of the Commissioners of the United Colonies. He was an influential member of the church in Hartford, took a deep interest in the controversy which agitated that and other churches, and was one of the leaders of the Hadley company.
Spouse Agnes
1 M Matthew Webster
Death Jul 16, 1655
2 M William Webster
Death abt 1688, Hadley
Spouse Mary Reeve
Marriage Feb 17, 1670
3 M Thomas Webster
Death 1686
Spouse Abigail Alexander
Marriage Jun 16, 1663
4 M Robert Webster
Death 1676
Spouse Susanna Treat
Marriage abt 1652
5 F Anne Webster
Death Jun 9, 1662
Spouse John Marsh
6 F Elizabeth Webster
Death abt 1688
Spouse William Markham
7 F A daughter Webster
Spouse Jonathan Hunt
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