1 Walter Weatherby WALLET
Birth abt 1899
Occupation Co-owner of Wicker and Wallet Fine Furniture (WIWACO since 1984)
Comment Partner: Ambrose Wicker
26 Apr 2004
4 May 2004
Father Mr. RUMPUS
Marr 24 Jun 1926
Children Allison 'Skeezix' (Adopted) (1921-)

Corky (1928-)

Judy (Adopted) (1935-)

1.1 Allison 'Skeezix' WALLET
Birth 9 Feb 1921
Special 14 Feb 1921, left of Walt's doorstep
Occupation Owner/operator of Gasoline Alley
Pers High School Commencement 15 Jun 1939
Comment WWII PTO Army
Spouse Nina CLOCK
Occupation Secretary
Father Seth Thomas CLOCK (-<1987)
Marr 28 Jun 1944
Children Thomas Walter 'Chipper' (1945-)

Clovia (1949-)

1.1.1 Thomas Walter 'Chipper' WALLET
Birth 1 Apr 1945
Occupation Physician's Associate for Dr. Smartley
Comment Vietnam Draftee as Medical Corpsman in Coast Guard
Spouse Amy SLOAN
Occupation Physical therapist; mother
Marr 28 Mar 1992
Marr Memo Eloped
Children Gus Alley 'Li'l Skeezix' (Twin) (1992-)

Kathleen Elly (Twin) (1992-) Gus Alley 'Li'l Skeezix' WALLET
Birth 25 Dec 1992 Kathleen Elly WALLET
Birth 25 Dec 1992

1.1.2 Clovia WALLET
Birth 15 May 1949
Occupation Manager of Gasoline Alley Garage

Secretary at Wicker and Wallet before becoming Manager of Gasoline Alley Garage.

Photo contributed by Janet Brown, who writes: "When I was probably about ten, I got a Clovia doll for Christmas. There was great excitement about the birth of Clovia and in fact, there was a contest to name the baby, and, as she had a four leaf clover birthmark on her wrist, Clovia was the chosen name. The Clovia doll was a tiny baby doll with red hair, rubber body and came with a pin that had her picture on it and an inscription I am so lucky, I own my own Clovia Doll." The doll probably was created about 1951.

Spouse Slim SKINNER
Occupation Garage attendant at Gasoline Alley
Mother Lil

Had dogs Kleine, a Doberman Pinscher, and Sieg, a Great Dane

Residences: Lived at 215 Huron St. in 1979.
Marr 31 May 1977
Children Gretchen (1978-)

Rover (Adopted) (~1978-) Gretchen SKINNER
Birth 13 Apr 1978

Graduated from Gasoline Alley High School, June 1995 Rover SKINNER
Birth abt 1978
Special 1 Dec 1983, adopted - son of Gus and Beulah BUMP
Comment Foster child 4/20/81-12/1/83

Graduated from Gasoline Alley High School, June 1995. (cf. 7/3/95).

Spouse Hoogy BOOGLE
Comment Surname from 11-5-97 & 4-16-01 strips.
Father Boog BOOGLE
Mother Clara
Marr 25 Nov 2003
Children A child (2004-) A child SKINNER
Birth Aug 2004

1.2 Corky WALLET
Birth 2 May 1928
Occupation Owner/operator of Corky's Diner
Spouse Hope HASSELL
Marr 1 Oct 1949
Children Nubbin (1954-)

Eve (Twin) (1960-)

Adam (Twin) (1960-)

1.2.1 Nubbin WALLET
Birth 1 Jan 1954

1.2.2 Eve WALLET
Birth 21 Apr 1960

1.2.3 Adam WALLET
Birth 21 Apr 1960
Spouse Teeka TOK
Special Oct 1991, U. S. Citizenship
Marr 26 Nov 1986, Bali Lo, Micronesia
Children Ada (1988-)

Amanda Lynn (Adopted) (~1989-) Ada WALLET
Birth 8 Aug 1988 Amanda Lynn WALLET
Birth abt 1989
Special 1 Dec 1994, Adoption applied for.
Comment Granddaughter of Joe PYE.

Her mother, who died in childbirth, played a mandolin.

1.3 Judy WALLET
Birth Feb 1935
Special 28 Feb 1935, left in Walt's car
Spouse Gideon GRUBB
Marr 4 May 1961
Children Gabriel (1966-)

1.3.1 Gabriel GRUBB
Birth 27 Jun 1966

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