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King Family Research Comments

As with many early American families, especially those of the southern colonies, the publications concerning the King family are based on limited source material and recent research has revealed significant changes in the relationships that have been in print for many years. While this brief King family narrative is based on recent research in the following resources, it is incomplete and continuing research may require a change in some of the relationships included.

A King Genealogy: Some Descendants of Michael King of Nansemond County, Virginia, 1667 - 1987, by Henry Lee King (1988), together with subsequent research to 1997 shared on the web site of Tina Hall.

Research of Lou Pero, also on the web site of Tina Hall.

Research of Kimball G. Everingham, with a Register Report from Michael KING.

Note that due to county and colony boundary changes that places in Nansemond Co., VA may have subsequently been in Albemarle, Chowan and/or Bertie Co., NC.

CAUTION: While the following publications include a number of important references to and quotations from significant primary resources, the first publication includes many suppositions and conjectures concerning KING family relationships and the following two publications wrongly turn these tentative conclusions into factual statements. Genealogies of Virginia Families From the William and Mary College Quarterly, Genealogical Publishing Co. (reprint 1982), Vol. III, pp. 283-290 and 683; The Lees and Kings of Virginia and North Carolina 1636 - 1976, by Reba Shropshire Wilson and Betty Shropshire Glover, Wilson and Glover Publishing Co. (1975); KENNARD KING KNIGHT HARDIN GOODING Their Ancestors & Descendants, by Alta Kennard Patterson (1988).

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Michael and Elizabeth (Hiry) King

Michael KING - d. 1700, probably in NC (will proved at Oct-Nov 1700 General Court in Albemarle Co., NC). Michael, reportedly from Norwich, Norfolk Co., England, probably sailed for America about 1650, being transported for service to John WRIGHT of Nansemond Co., VA. Michael received three land grants totaling 1800 acres in Nansemond Co. in 1667, 1671, and 1675. Purchases by Michael include a large copper still, and (in 1686) a plantation and slaves in Nansemond Co. On his plantation, located on Somerset Creek, he built the first brick house in the county. Michael does not appear on the rent rolls of 1704 of Nansemond Co., although his sons do. Note that the King family land in VA became part of NC with the 1728 boundary settlement between VA and NC. It appears that Michael married after his arrival in VA.

Elizabeth HIRY - Her surname source, the Bible record of great grandson Solomon, is very indistinct, and may be HAIRY, HARE, WARE, etc.

Children of Michael and Elizabeth King

  1. Elizabeth - 
  2. Nathan - b. Nansemond Co., VA. Patented 635 acres in 1694 "along old Mr Kings line." He appears to have settled at the mouth of the Roanoke River about 1695, where he had been living for 12 years in 1707.
  3. Michael - b. Nansemond Co., VA; d. after 1747, Nansemond Co., VA. Obtained two VA land patents in 1694 adjoining land of Nathan KING and "old Mr. King." Children of Michael KING: John married first Winifred CONNER, second Mary (MERRITT) TAYLOR (widow of Capt. Daniel TAYLOR), and third Rebecca (MOSS) ARMISTEAD (John possibly married twice more); possibly Michael; and possibly William.
  4. John - b. Nansemond Co., VA. Named in grand-nephew Solomon KING's Bible record as son of Michael KING and Elizabeth. No currently known records can be reliably connected to this John KING.
  5. Henry - b. Nansemond Co., VA; d. about Mar 1716, Salmon Creek, Chowan Precinct, Albemarle (now Bertie) Co., NC.
  6. William - b. Nansemond Co., VA;  d. 1725. Patented 540 acres in 1703, and possibly other land at an earlier date. The name of his wife and mother of his children is not known. Children of William KING: Solomon married Amy; Nicholas married; Mary married Moses HARE; Henry married Sarah; and Charles married Mary (parents of Solomon KING, whose Bible record provides important early KING family data).
Family record from Solomon King's Bible (published 1769)

   Michael King was born in Old England and came out of the City of Norwich to Virginia and there served his time with John Wright in Nansemond County after that he married with Elizabeth Hiry (indistinct) and lived in the Upper Parish of Nansemond Co. on the Southern Branch of Nansemond River - and he had by his wife six children viz. Nathan William Michael Henry John and Elizabeth and their he bought a plantation with land in the year 1686 and built a large dwelling house with brick and bought several negro slaves and also a large copper still. Written by me Solomon King son of Charles King the said Charles was the son of William which was son of Michael the older.
   Charles King Father of Solomon King Departed this Life January the 15,1762.
   Mary King Mother of Solomon King Departed this Life February the 2 day 1762.
   Henry King uncell to the said Solomon King Departed this life December the 7 day 1771.
   Mary Hare Aunt to the said Solomon King Departed this Life February the 11 day 1774.
   John Lee Father in Law to said Solomon King Departed this Life February 9 day 1770.
   Henry King Brother to Solomon King Departed this Life April the 15th day 1782.
   Bathsheba Porter Daughter of Solomon King Departed this Life March 10th 1789.

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Henry and Catherine King

Henry KING - b. Nansemond Co., VA; d. about Mar. 1716, Salmon Creek, Chowan Precinct, Albemarle (now Bertie) Co., NC. Son of Michael KING and Elizabeth HIRY. Henry patented 302 acres on 7 Sep 1701 which adjoined that of John KING. His will (dated Feb. 25, 1714, and proved in Apr. 18, 1716) left land in Nansemond Co., VA to his children. Henry died between Oct. 2, 1715, when was given a power of attorney, and Apr. 4, 1716, when his widow was called the wife of Gerrard LYNCH and relict of Mr. Henry KING. All three of Henry's sons and four daughters are mentioned in his will.

Catherine - After the death of Henry, and by Apr. 1716, she married second Gerard LYNCH. Gerard and Catherine LYNCH sold 640 acres of her land on that date. Catherine is not Catherine CLARKE (d. by 1688), daughter of John and Mary (FALKE) CLARKE, in 1684, Isle of Wight Co., VA. Catherine CLARKE married about 1679 Henry KING (b. about 1658; d. after 1740, Brunswick Co., VA) as his first wife.  Henry KING, Jr., son of Catherine (CLARKE) KING, was born about 1681, and had possession of, and sold land previously owned by his grandfather John CLARKE.

Children of Henry and Catherine King

See Notable Cousins for line to: William Rufus KING
  1. Henry - d. 1755, Chowan Co., NC. Married Ann. Children of Henry and Ann KING: Catherine; Ann; Prudence; and William married Ann.
  2. Michael - b. about 1700, Chowan Co., NC; d. about 1741, Bertie Co., NC. Called a minor son of Henry in 1716, he was placed with John KING, as guardian. Lived between Cashie River and Salmon Creek, Bertie Co., NC in 1719. Michael's name appears on many land transactions in Bertie Co., including the sale of 304<sic> acres patented by Henry KING on 7 Sep 1701. His will dated May 20, 1741, and proved in 1741 in Bertie Co., NC, names two horses, 16 slaves, wife Isabel, and children. Michael married Isabella 'Isabel' FERGUSON-BELL (d. aft 1743), daughter of John FERGUSON and Ann WOODNOT, and step daughter of Robert BELL. The birth order of their children is uncertain. Isabel married second by 1743 Mr. DIALL. Children of Michael and Isabel KING: Michael married first Mary SNELL (grandparents of V.P. William Rufus KING), and second Mary BOONE; Henry married first Ann SNELL (who married second Stephen BLACKMAN, and third Simon LENDON); John Sterling married Amy; Catherine married Moses SMITH; Isabel; Penelope married Jonathan DIXON; and Mary married Edward BYRD.
  3. Charles - b. about 1704, Chowan Co., NC. He resided in Chowan Co. and the Roquist Island area of Bertie Co., NC. Charles married Elizabeth VANN, probably daughter of William. Children of Charles and Elizabeth KING: 'Roquist' Henry married; William; and Charles married first Judah, and second Elizabeth GARDNER, daughter of Martin.
  4. Elizabeth - Married Richard PARKER.
  5. Catherine - Married John BRYD II, son of John BYRD I and Rebecca SUTTON.
  6. Mary -
  7. Ann - Married William PARKER, believed to be son of Thomas PARKER, Jr. and Jean EARLY.

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