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Stevens Ancestry in England

Henry Stevens and Elizabeth Gallup

Richard Stevens and Sarah Harker

John Stephens and Elizabeth

Joseph Stephens

John Stephens and Lucy Collins

Frances Stephens and Mordecai Lawson

C. M. Lawson and Sarah M. Sims

Mordecai S. Lawson and Elizabeth Caroline Turman

James Martin Lawson and Lucy Jane Freeman

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Stevens Ancestry in England

For the following STEVENS ancestry to the early 11th century, together with additional details on each generation, refer to the compilation of Don W. Stephens. As with many lineages in England prior to 1600, differences appear in the published compilations of this family. See the above cited compilation shows Thomas STEVENS, husband of Mary WALLE, as the son of Anthony STEVENS and Katherine BROKE, while elsewhere he is shown as son of Thomas STEVENS and Elizabeth STONE, daughter of John STONE (b. ca 1535) - in either case Thomas STEVENS, husband of Mary WALLE, is shown as grandson of Edward STEVENS and Jane FOWLER. This compiler will leave to others more qualified the presentation of the pre-America lineage, and the following is presented only as a suggestion, with no claim of accuracy. The principal information source from the pre-America lineage is Stevens-Stephens Genealogy and Family History, compiled by Clarence Perry Stevens, et al. (1968).

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Thomas and Mary (Walle) Stevens


Thomas STEVENS - b. about 1585. Son of Anthony STEVENS and Kathrine BROKE, and grandson of Edward STEVENS and Joan FOWLER. Some compilations identify him as the son of Thomas STEVENS and Elizabeth STONE, and grandson of Edward STEVENS and Joan FOWLER. However, The Visitation of London 1634, published by the Harlein Society, Vol. 17, page 362, shows the arms, parents and children of Thomas STEVENS, husband of Mary WALLE. A haberdasher of London, Thomas was living in 1634. Married about 1615.

Mary WALLE - b. 1592. The children listed are those named in the above noted Visitation of London 1634. Daughter of Peter WALLE (b. 1567) of Spargrave, Cheshire.

Children of Thomas and Mary Stevens

  1. Nicholas - b. about 1620, Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire; d. Jun. 11, 1675, Gloucestershire.
  2. Thomas - b. about 1621. Resided at London. Children of Thomas STEVENS: Richard married Mary LINCOLN (daughter of Thomas LINCOLN and third cousin of Mordecai LINCOLN, ancestor of Pres. Abraham LINCOLN); Thomas married Mary GREEN; Cyprian married Mary WILLARD (daughter of Simon WILLARD and Mary DUNSTER); Cathrine married Thomas DEANE (son of John and Alice DEANE, and grandson of William DEANE); and Mary married Capt. John WHIPPLE.
  3. Anthony - b. about 1624. Probably immigrated by 1656 to Lancaster Co., VA, removing to Westmoreland Co., VA by 1667 when he received a land grant of 850 acres.
  4. Mary -
  5. Rebecca -

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Nicholas and Elizabeth (Storkey) Stevens

Nicholas STEVENS - b. about 1620, Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire; d. Jun. 11, 1675, Gloucestershire Son of Thomas STEVENS and Mary WALLE. Nicholas served as leader of a train band in Oliver CROMWELL's army in the 1640s. He became Captain on Apr. 18, 1645. An alternate death date of Sep. 27, 1670, Albemarle, VA for Nicholas also appears, depending on accepting Nicholas migrating to America and being in Taunton, MA by 1669 before settling at Jamestown, VA. Married Sep. 9, 1641, St. Peters Church in Cornhill, London.

Elizabeth STORKEY - b. about 1614, Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire.

Children of Nicholas and Elizabeth Stevens

  1. Henry - b. about 1644, Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England; d. 1726, Stonington, New London Co., CT.
  2. Nicholas - b. about 1648, Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire; d.Aug. 6, 1674, Haddam, CT. A resident of RI, he was on his own boat in the Connecticut River when accidently drowned.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1662; d. aft 1751, Craven Co., NC (will date). Resided in Perquemins and Craven Cos., NC. Married first by 1690 to Jane, and second about 1713 to Mary KASWELL, daughter of Francis KASWELL. Children of Thomas and Jane STEVENS: Thomas married; Sarah married Ben BROCKETT; Elizabeth; Mary; and Anne. Children of Thomas and Mary STEVENS: Frances; and John married first Grace RAIFORD, and second Sarah. NOTE: Thomas of NC is likely mis-identified as the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth (STORKEY) STEVENS, noting that Elizabeth was near 50 in 1662 and Thomas would have been in his nineties at death - both very doubtful.

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The Stevens/Stephens Family in America

For extensive information on the STEVENS/STEPHENS family, including the STEVENS and GALLUP family ancestry in England, see the compilation of Don W. Stephens. Special thanks to Joe Slattey for providing the intial information that connects the STEPHENS and HARKER families of NC to the New England families, and for sharing extensive information for the STEPHENS family in in MA and NC.

Henry and Elizabeth (Gallup) Stevens

Henry STEVENS - b. about 1644, Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England; d. 1726, Stonington, New London Co., CT. Will proved at New London, CT in Aug. 1726. Son of Nicholas STEVENS and Elizabeth STORKEY. Henry arrived in America about 1660, and was at Swansea when King Philip's War began. He received a land grant for his service as a soldier in the war. Henry became one of the incorporators of Stonington in 1716, owning land at Stonington, Plainfield and Voluntown and serving in the colonial legislature for eight years. The following letter was written by Henry to Thomas STANTON, Jr. during King Phillips War (Mas. Hist. Col. 3rd Series, Vol. 10, p. 117):

Sar -

Thes are to giv you notis of ye News. I say you with the rest of my Nebors and frinds that 12 housis of Swanse are borened and one of them was a garison house and sivers men killed. Saiconke also is boroned or a good part of it and men killed by Nepmick indian - hear on house robed as we supos and the last night another hous brooken up and another borened on Neare Mr. Smeths and intend to have two heads from Skiamacott. The pepal heare are gon and going towaords Island. i wish and desier you take car of your silve. I have hired the barer. i hear filip is bound for Mohigin. I am in hast for fear of ye messenger.
Jun 29 '75 
My man is gon toward Island.

Yours yet
Henery Stephens

Elizabeth GALLUP - b. Mar. 8, 1662/3, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. 1726, Westerly, Washington Co., RI. Daughter of Capt. John GALLOP and Hannah LAKE.

Children of Henry and Elizabeth Stevens

See Notable Cousins for line to: Pres. George H. W. BUSH and Pres. George W. BUSH

  1. Thomas - b. Dec. 14, 1678, Stonington, New London Co., CT ; d. Sep. 7, 1750, Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT. He was married first on May 26, 1702 in Plainfield, Windham Co., CT to Mary HALL (b. Jun. 1, 1677, Concord, Litchfield Co., CT; d. May 30, 1719, Plainfield, Windham Co., CT), daughter of Stephen HALL and Ruth DAVIS. Thomas was married second on Mar. 14, 1719/20 in Plainfield, Windham Co., CT to Abigail WYNNE (b. about1676; d. Jan. 10, 1770, Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT). Children of Thomas and Mary STEVENS: Thomas married Elizabeth WYNN; Phineas (settled in Onslow Co., NC); Capt. Uriah married his first cousin Sarah STEVENS (daughter of Richard STEVENS and Sarah HARKER); Andrew married Esther STAFFORD; Benjamin married Elizabeth; Samuel married Anne SEGAR; and Zebulon married first Miriam FELLOWS, and second his first cousin Thankful STEVENS (daughter of Henry STEVENS and Elizabeth FELLOWS, and widow of James PARTRIDGE). Son of Thomas and Abigail STEVENS: Jesse died young.
  2. Richard - b. Jan. 25, 1678/9, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. 1732, Stonington, New London Co., CT.
  3. Henry - b. Nov. 20, 1681, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. 1726, Plainfield, Windham Co., CT. He was married on Mar 2, 1707/8 in Plainfield, Windham Co., CT to Elizabeth FELLOWS (b. Sep. 14, 1685, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA), daughter of Ephraim FELLOWS and Anna. Children of Henry and Elizabeth STEVENS: Henry married first Elizabeth JONES, and second Sarah BABCOCK; Simeon married Mercy COATES; Mary married John MEEKS; Jedidiah married Mary RATHBONE; Lucy married Ephraim SMITH; Elizabeth married first Joseph PALMER, and second William STEWART; and Thankful married first James PARTRIDGE, and second her first cousin Zebulon STEVENS (son of Thomas STEVENS and Mary HALL).
  4. Elizabeth - bap. Feb 18, 1693. She married Henry ELIOTT. Children of Elizabeth and Henry ELLIOTT: Henry; Jabez; and Hopestill married Joseph WILLIAMS.
  5. Lucy - b. about 1685, Stonington, New London Co., CT; bap. Apr 22, 1694, Stonington, New London Co., CT.

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Richard and Sarah (Harker) Stevens

Richard STEVENS - b. Jan. 25, 1678/9, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. 1732, Stonington, New London Co., CT. Son of Henry STEVENS and Elizabeth GALLUP. Richard received one half of his father's homestead by deed in 1710. Marriage at Old South Church, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA recorded in Boston Marriages, 1700-1710 as: "Richard Stevens & Sarah Harker married by Mr. Sam. Willard on June 9, 1704."

Sarah HARKER - b. Sep. 21, 1681, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. Jun. 13, 1754, Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT. Her birth is recorded at Boston in 1681 as "Sarah of John & Patience Harker born Sept. 21." Daughter of John HARKER and Patience FOLGER.

Stonington Town Records
(from copy of microfilm print and unclear in places)

[page 115]
John Son of Richard Stephens was Born March 21: 1705
Sarah Daughter of Richard Stephens was Born May 4th: 1708
Mary Daughter of Richard Stephens was Born Feb 24 - 1710
Hepseboth Daughter of Richard Stephens was Born July 25: 1712
Hannah daughter of Richard Stephens was Born Augt. 9th. 1714

[page 138]
Richard Stephens his mark for Cattle Swine &c. is A half Cropp on the fore side of the Right Ear & a halfpenny on ye under side of the same Ear & a smooth Cropp on the Left Ear & his Brand mark for horses is Thus [inverted heart shape]. Entered May ye 1st 1709 ... J. Francis ye above written Ear Mark out of ye old book Novembr. 29th 1722:

Elnathan Minor Town Clerk

"his Brand ... is Thus ..."

Richard Stephens and Sarah Harker were married
John Son of Richard Stephens was born March 21 1705
Sarah Daughter of Richard Stephens was born May 4th 1708
Mary Daughter of Richard Stephens was born Feb 1710
Hepseboth Daughter of Richard Stephens was born July 25 1712
Hannah daughter of Richard Stephens was born August 9th 1714
Patienis Daughter of Richard Stephens was born Augt. 30 1716
Hannah Daughter of Richard Stephens Dyed May ye 10 1710 [?]
Richard Son of Richard Stephens was born Febry 27th 1718
[____] upon Record in this book being part Extracted from ye first book of births in Stonington. Aug. 31. 1719: JF

Eln. Minor T. Clerk

Children of Richard and Sarah Stevens

  1. John - b. Mar. 21, 1704/5, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. Mar. 1782, Jones Co., NC.
  2. Sarah - b. May 4, 1708, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. She was married on May 28, 1730 in Stonington, New London Co., CT to her first cousin Capt. Uriah STEVENS (b. Jun. 2, 1708, Plainfield, Windham Co., CT; d. Oct. 20, 1764, Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT), son of Thomas STEVENS and Mary HALL. Children of Sarah and Uriah STEVENS: Benjamin died young; Sarah married Asa UPSON; Phineas married Mary CLARK; Mary married Thomas WILLIAMS; Uriah married Martha RATHBONE; Martha married Judge George HORNELL; John married Olive FRANKLIN; Elijah married Abigail STEPHENS; Elias married Polly CROSBY; William married Anne AYRES; Benjamin; and Lucy married Abel PALMER.
  3. Mary - b. Feb. 1709/10, Stonington, New London Co., CT. Birth day may be the 20th or 24th. Married.
  4. Hepzibah - b. Jul. 25, 1712, Stonington, New London Co., CT. She married Walter HEWITT.
  5. Hannah - b. Aug. 9, 1714, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. May 10, 1810.
  6. Patience - b. Aug. 30, 1716, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. young.
  7. Richard - b. Feb. 27, 1718/9, Stonington, New London Co., CT.
  8. Prudence - b. May 13, 1722, Stonington, New London Co., CT.
  9. Ebenezer - b. Jun. 20, 1725, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. Feb 27, 1801, New Marlboro, Berkshire Co., MA. He was married on Oct 16, 1749 to Sophia CLEAVELIN (b. about 1728, Canaan, Fairfield Co., CT; d. Feb. 1814, New Marlboro, Berkshire Co., MA). Children of Ebenezer and Sophia STEVENS: Richard married Esther WARD; Ebenezer married Rhoda JOHNSON; Mary married Artimas BROOKINS; and John married first Elizabeth GILLETT, and second Hannah PARSONS.

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John and Elizabeth Stephens

John STEPHENS - b. Mar. 21, 1704/5, Stonington, New London Co., CT; d. Mar. 1782, Jones Co., NC. Son of Richard STEPHENS and Sarah HARKER. John STEVENS appears in District 1 on the 1779 Tax List of Carteret Co., NC. His will, written on Mar. 12, 1782, and proved the same month, names wife, two sons, five daughters and one granddaughter. Married by 1738.

Elizabeth - b. say 1721, Chowan Co., NC. She may be the Eliza STEVENS in the Sep. 1786 census of Jones Co., NC with 2 males under age 21 and 2 females. Possibly she was living with her son George in 1790.

From Ebenezer Harker, Island Namesake, by Robert G. Lewis, page 3
(1999, Carteret County Historical Society, Inc., Morehead City, NC 28557)

Three years after he purchased the island, Ebenezer Harker sold one-half of it, or 1200 acres, to John Stevens (Stephens) of Onslow precinct on March 8, 1733, for £300 "good & lawfull money of Boston" [Carteret County Deed Book D, p. 159, Original, North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC]. However, he made Stevens agree that he would neither erect nor remove any fences, "nor tend any land already cleared ... or shall hereaffter be cleared ... nor suffer any horses or cattle be brought ... on ye sd island" except for his personal benefit, "nor grante bargane sell nor make over ... any parte or parcell thereof to any person or persons on aney (sic) accot whatsoever ... nor permitt nor suffer any family or familyes to use reside or inhabit on ye sd Island" other than his own family. After four years, Stevens must have decided that he could not live by these conditions and sold his half of Craney Island back to Harker on June 9, 1737, for only £200 [ibid., p. 184]. John Stevens was Ebenezer Harker's nephew, the son of his sister Sarah from Boston. Perhaps he simple could not get along with his uncle.

From Records of Onslow County, North Carolina
Deed Book A (1734-8 - 1740-44)

23 - Dec. 4, 1740. Ebenezer Harker to his nephew John Stephens. Harker of Carteret Co., N. C., gave to John Stephens 577 acres of land on Whiteoak River in Onslow Co., N. C., which he patented in 1730. Test: Resolve Walden, John Shackleford. John Stephens assigns over the land to Phillip Pollard, July 7, 1741.

[The above and following entries are different sizes and from different sources.]

27 - July 7, 1741. John Stephens to Phillip Pollard of Carteret Co. for 300 pounds 537 acres on Whiteoak River bought of Joseph Perry. Tests: Saml. Stanton, Eben Harker, Jos. Perry.

Will of John Stephens - 12 March 1782
Probated March 1782, Jones Co., NC

To wife Elizabeth, I lend all my estate during her natural life in a peacable and quiet possession and when it please God to take her out of this transitory life, my sons Joseph and George Stephens to have my land divided equally between them: All else divided to all children: Joseph, George, Barsheba, Mary, Rachel, Nancy, Sophia. One heifer and one feather bed and furniture to granddaughter Elizabeth Harper.
Executors: wife Elizabeth, Joseph and George Stephens.
Witnesses: George Hendry Sr., Joshua Dennis, George Hendry Jr.

Children of John Stephens and Elizabeth

  1. Joseph - b. about 1740, probably in Carteret Co., NC; d. after Oct. 18, 1815, probably in Madison Co., GA.
  2. George - d. by 1802/3. Deeded land in 1787 by brother Joseph, "reserving life estate of my mother." Last record of George is as witness to a deed recorded Feb. 1802. A deed from James STEPHENSON to Esther STEPHENSON was recorded Nov. 1807, and one from Esther STEPHENS to Abraham and Alex. MITCHELL was recorded Feb. 1811. In the latter she stated that she was the relict of George STEPHENS. George married first Nellie MITCHELL, and second Esther (Eleanor?) MITCHELL. One source indicates that daughter Frances married Mr. BENDER.
  3. Elizabeth - d. before 1782. Married Mr. HARPER. Daughter: Elizabeth.
  4. Barsheba - Married John MORTON.
  5. Mary - b. by 1768. According to some researchers, either she or one of her younger sisters married Josiah STEPHENS II.
  6. Nancy - b. by 1768. See under comment sister Mary.
  7. Sophia - b. by 1768. See under comment sister Mary.
  8. Rachel - Left will in Jones Co., NC in 1825 with bequests to George BENDER and John BENDER, Jr.
  9. Others - It is probable that other children were born to John and Elizabeth.

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Joseph Stephens

Joseph STEPHENS - b. about 1740, probably in Carteret Co., NC; d. after Oct. 18, 1815, probably in Madison Co., GA. Son of John STEPHENS and Elizabeth. Called "of Chatham Co." in land deed from him to brother George in 1787, "reserving life estate of my mother." One source reports that Joseph was in Madison Co., GA by 1807. He and wife Rachel signed a deed on Oct. 18, 1815 in Madison Co., GA. The name of his wife is not known but is suggested as either Isabel HAMILTON or Eleanor GUY. He married first about 1759, and was remarried about 1791 in Jones Co., NC to Rachel.

Children of Joseph and his first wife

  1. John - b. about 1760, NC; d. 1810, Pendleton District, SC.
  2. Daniel - b. 1762, Chatham Co., NC; d. 1833, Pickens Co., SC. Served in the Revolution from Chatham Co., NC in 1782. Witnessed brother John's will in 1810. Married Mourning BARNETT. Children of Daniel and Mourning STEPHENS: Samuel; William; Patsy; Linny; and possibly others.
  3. A daughter - b. about 1764.
  4. A daughter - b. about 1766.
  5. A daughter - b. about 1768.
  6. A daughter - b. about 1771.
  7. Joseph - b. 1773; d. by Oct. 1847, Maynard's Cove, Jackson Co., AL. Moved to GA about 1805. Married Barberry (b. 1775, NC; d. 1850 Jackson Co., AL), perhaps ELLIS. Children, born in NC per census: Daniel (b. 1793); Ellis b. 1799); John W. (b. 1800, SC; d. 1856/7, Tishominga Co., MS); Alexander H.; Josiah (b. 1810/20); and 2 or 3 daughters.
  8. Samuel H. - b. about 1775, Chatham Co., NC; d. May 26, 1824, Pendleton Dist., SC. Samuel operated a forge, or "Iron Shop." Married about 1792 in NC to Mary Ellen POWELL (b. about 1764, NC; d. about 1862, Pickens Dist., SC), daughter of James POWELL and Alice. Basic family information shared by David YOUNGBLOOD in Mar. 2004, and is supplemented from other sources. Children of Samuel and Mary STEPHENS: James married Mary FERGUSON; Milley married Peyton HARRIS; Dison married Sarah 'Sallie' JONES; Sarah 'Sallie' married Tobias Gibson 'Gip' DILLARD; William 'Billy' married Milly JAMESIN; Daniel married Celia HENDRIX; Green Berry married Alpha Omega STEWART; Elender 'Nellie' married Joel DURHAM; Benson married Eleanor 'Nellie' MORGAN; Malinda 'Mila' married Lawrence HUNTER; Baylus Earle married first Elizabeth 'Bettyy' STEWART, and second Louisa A. HUGHES.
  9. Solomon - b. about 1777, Chatham Co., NC. Solomon witnessed a deed in Jones Co., NC in 1796. Married Sarah MUNDINE (d. before 1813, probably in Wilkes or Wilkinson Co., GA), probably the daughter of Kittrell MUNDINE of Jones Co., NC. Supporting Sarah's identification is a great grandson whose information was that her name was Sarah MONDINE. The family was in Wilkes and Wilkinson Cos., GA 1800-1815, where Solomon was married second by 1813 to Bethany LAMBERT, daughter of James LAMBERT (d. 1813, Wilkinson Co., GA). Solomon STEPHENS appears in the 1830 census of Autauga Co., AL. Daughter of Solomon and Sarah STEPHENS: Rachel married Thomas MOORE.
  10. Levin - b. about 1779, Chatham Co., NC. Married by 1800 in Chatham Co., NC to Sally PRITCHARD. Levin was living on Aug. 16, 1802 in Dorchester Co., MD.
  11. A daughter - b. 1781-1787. Married Benjamin BARTON.
  12. A daughter - b. 1781-1787.
  13. A daughter - Joseph had 8 daughters by his first marriage.
  14. William? - b. 1781-1787. Reported as son of Joseph by one source. Son: Hardy, perhaps the Hardy STEPHENS of Wayne Co., TN in 1830.
  15. A son - b. 1781-1787. Joseph had 8 sons by his first wife.

Children of Joseph and Rachel Stephens

  1. Josiah - b. about 1792, Jones Co., NC. Son of Joseph and Rachel.
  2. George - b. about 1794, poss. Jones Co., NC. Living in GA in 1850. Married Esther LAMBERT (b. 1796; d. after 1850). Sons of George and Esther STEPHENS: George A.; Allen G. W.; and Josiah L. G. Daughters of George and Esther STEPHENS: Telijah and Talitha married Mr. EUBANKS and Mr. EWING.
  3. Rachel - b. 1796. Married in 1813 in GA to Thomas MOORE.

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John and Lucy (Collins) Stephens

John STEPHENS - b. about 1760, NC; d. 1810, Pendleton District (now Anderson Co.), SC. Son of Joseph STEPHENS. Name usages suggest that John may be related to the STEPHENS families of Wake Co., NC (1800 Census). John served in 1780 as a NC Militia Pvt. in the Revolution. Moved from Jones Co. to Chatham Co., NC about 1782, and to Pendleton District, SC by 1810. John's will was dated May 31, 1810, and was proved Oct. 22, 1810 in Pendleton District, SC. In his will, John names wife Lucy as Executrix, Daniel STEPHENS as Executor, and children Edward, John, Sarah PENDERGRAFT, Jeremiah, Rebecca, Joseph, Zachariah, Frances, William, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Susannah. John was married first about 1777 in Jones Co., NC to Sarah BENSON (b. about 1760; d. about 1783). John was married second about 1784 in Chatham Co., NC to Frances BYRD (b. say 1767; d. about 1790). John was married third around 1792, probably in Chatham Co., NC.

Lucy COLLINS? - b. by 1772; d. after May 1810. Listed in the 1810 Census as Mrs. Lucy STEPHENS, her name at marriage has been reported as COLLINS.

Children of John and Sarah Stephens

  1. Sarah - b. about 1778, Jones Co., NC; about 1855. Sarah appears in the 1850 Census of Barry Co., MO, which shows her as age 72 and born in NC. Married about 1807, Pendleton Dist. (now Anderson Co.), SC, William Titus PENDERGRAFT. The family is in Blount Co., TN in 1830, and Henry Co., TN in 1840. Sarah's daughter-in-law Jane (KENDRICK) PENDERGRAFT was the daughter of Jesse KENDRICK and Mary PARKER. Mary (PARKER) KENDRICK and many of her PARKER siblings were early settlers of Texas, with Parker County named for a brother. Her niece was the noted Cynthia Ann PARKER, mother of Quanah, Pecos and Topasannah 'Prairie Flower' PARKER by Comanche Chief Peta Cocona. Children of Sarah and Titus PENDERGRAFT: poss. Job died young; Martha died young; John Hamilton Stephens married Jane KENDRICK; Nancy; Lemuel Guy married N. H.; Jesse Wilson married Ann Eliza QUINCY; Titus married Hannah; Caleb Murphy 'Capp' married first Susannah WALLER, and second Malissa Ann HAGGARD; and Sarah.
    Note: There is a marriage record in Garrard Co., KY on 15 Mar 1800 for Thomas LIVINGSTON and Sarah STEPHENS, daughter of John and Lucy STEPHENS. However there is no documentation that the said Sarah was the same Sarah PENDERGRAFS [likely PENDERGRASS, which later became PENDERGRAFT] named as daughter of John STEPHENS of Pendleton District, SC in his 31 May 1810 will, and no evidence has been found that said John STEPHENS or any of his 12 children ever resided in KY. Sarah (STEPHENS) PENDERGRAFT was the mother of eight or nine children born between 1810 and 1829 in SC and AL.
  2. Edward - b. say 1780; d. after 1830. Appears in 1830 Census of Williamson Co., TN. Moved to Franklin Co., TN by 1824.
  3. Jeremiah - b. say 1781/2. Appears in the 1820 Census of Franklin Co., TN, the 1830 Census of Blount Co., AL, and the 1850 Census of Williamson Co., TN. Married Mary (b. 1782).
  4. John Andrew - b. Oct. 23, 1783, Chatham Co., NC; d. Mar. 18, 1837, Cherokee Co., GA. Married by 1807, Chatham Co., NC, Mary MURPHY, daughter of James. Children of John and Mary STEPHENS: Annie m. Mr. HENDRIX; Millie married Mr. HAYNES; Lucy married Mr. COBB; James Murphy married Lucinda KEITH; and Uriah married Hannah A. McCONNELL.

Children of John and Frances Stephens

  1. Elizabeth - b. about 1784, NC; d. after 1880, Itawamba Co., MS. Never married. She has been called the daughter of Frances BYRD, but her birth year is also given as possibly 1794. Elizabeth appears in the 1880 Census in the household of Abel, son of her brother Zachariah.
  2. Joseph - b. about 1785/6, Chatham Co., NC.
  3. Zachariah - b. Feb. 8, 1787; d. Oct. 2, 1881, Itawamba Co., MS. Moved to Itawamba Co., MS about 1844, settling near Mantachie. Married about 1816, possibly in SC, Tabitha POWELL (b. Feb. 14, 1799; d. Aug. 8, 1872). Both Zachariah and Tabitha were buried in Stephens Cemetery, Itawamba Co., MS, as were daughter Elizabeth HODGES (d. 1853) and daughter-in-law Anne (LAWSON) STEPHENS (1822-1905). It is believed that Anne was the daughter of Amos Banks LAWSON, brother-in-law of Zachariah's sister Frances (STEPHENS) LAWSON. Children: Abel Bee married Anne LAWSON; Green Shelton m. Mary Delia CAMP; James Milton married Vashti R. KIRKSEY; John R. married first Sarah CAMP, and second Frances J.; Redden Byrd married Isabella DURRETT; Elizabeth married Edmond HODGES; and Zachariah married Nancy C. McVAY. One source also adds: Caleb married Mary C. MITCHELL.
  4. Rebecca - b. late 1790; d. after May 1810. She does not appear in the 1790 Census, but is named in her father's will.

Children of John and Lucy Stephens

  1. Frances - b. Oct. 22, 1798; d. Jan. 3, 1868, Lee Co., MS. Married Mordecai LAWSON.
  2. William C. - b. about 1800. Named in father's will of 1810. Perhaps the father of the William C. STEPHENS who married Rebbeca in AL in 1838, lived in Itawamba Co., MS in 1849, and moved to Fannin Co., TX by 1870.
  3. Nancy - b. about 1801/2. Named in father's will of 1810. Said to have been married on May 24, 1821 to Samuel HOUSTON, who was second cousin of the Texas Governor.
  4. Susannah - b. about 1802/3. Named in father's will of 1810.

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